CYCLONE - Parts & Score, BIGGIES - Grade 2.0, OPENERS - Grade 2.0

CYCLONE - Parts & Score, BIGGIES - Grade 2.0, OPENERS - Grade 2.0
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Published 15th March 2013
Cat No. JM66001
Price £45.00
Composer: Michael Oare
Categories: BIGGIES - Grade 2.0, OPENERS - Grade 2.0

Grade 2.0
Duration 2.55

An exceptionally good work at this level - very suitable for Festival use.

Any band at this level will enjoy the musical and technical challenge which this work presents - highly recommended.

The power and intensity of our ever-changing marine environment is portrayed in this descriptive work for young players. Incorporating a simple melodic motif along with syncopated rhythmic energy, Michael Oare effectively depicts the power of nature's most violent storms. Opening with a calm, yet foreboding introduction, the work quickly transforms as the storm draws near. Thundering bass drum rolls, driving rhythmic and melodic ostinatos, and dynamic and textural contrasts propel the piece towards a bold and exciting conclusion.




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